You Have Questions. We Have Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I have travel details?
Flights are non stop from DFW airport. Flight times TBA. Rate includes round trip air, taxes and one free checked bag. 

Can I choose my own seat?
You will be provided with your flight confirmation prior to the departure date. You can select your seats at that time. 

May I fly from another city?
We can help you set up connecting flights at an additional cost. Traveling with the group is essential to the tour experience. 

How are we getting to the hotel?
Rate includes round trip transfers from the destination airport to the host hotel.

What is the host hotel?
We are staying at a 4 star hotel in central London close to all the action. Please remember that we are in London and rooms tend to be smaller than we are accustom 

Will I need special power adapters? 
Please purchase UK power adapters before you leave. They are available at most large retailers, or you can order them HERE!

What is the local currency?
British Sterling Pounds. You can exchange money for local currency very close to the hotel. U.K. accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express. ATMs offer the best exchange rate. 

When/where will specific artists play?
Shows and venues are being set and will be announced prior to departure. 

How will I travel around London?
Be prepared to walk. Londoners walk and take mass transit. The tube (subway) system is great. Maps will be included in the final packet. 

Will sight seeing tours or excursions be offered?
We will have several day trips available for purchase prior to departure. Tours or excursions booked through our travel partner will ensure that you don't miss any of the shows or other trip activities. 

Should I purchase travel insurance?
Yes. The purchase price of the trip is non refundable. You will receive a link with insurance options as soon as you submit the fully completed booking form.  

What weather should I prepare for?
It's England. It can be sunny and cool one minute and misty and cold the next. We suggest layers and a water resistant outer layer. Please check weather as the departure date approaches for the latest weather forecast.

Is it safe?
London has a much lower violent crime rate than most major cities in the US. However there are more pickpockets. Use common sense. Don't flash cash or too much bling. 

Do I need a passport?
Yes. The name on your passport must exactly match the name on your ticket and travel documents. You must have a current Passport book. Passports must be valid until June 6 2017 or you will be denied boarding prior to departure from Dallas. Your passport book must be undamaged. Europe is serious about this one. Don't chance it. 

Will I need a special phone or data plan?
Yes. Call your carrier and get an international roaming plan that covers England. Even if your phone is operational without a special plan the non discounted rates for calls and data are very expensive. 

Special Note*
Folks wearing Western hats. Londoners will notice you. Be prepared for people to ask to have a photo made with you or with your hat. Remember, our group will be cultural ambassadors for our area.